About Us


  • 2007

    RareJob started with the goal of encouraging millions of Japanese to speak fluent English. When Kato-san visited the Philippines, he saw the great potential of Filipinos and the English language. He experienced Filipinos' hospitality and proficiency in English first-hand. He believed that these two characteristics are very important in teaching the English language; thus, RareJob was born.

  • 2008

    We started small with our first tutors from the University of the Philippines. Our capital increased through third-party investments. Our first headquarters was established in Tokyo. It was also in the same year that RareJob started accepting tutors all over the country.

  • 2009

    We started offering our services to corporate clients. We reached our first milestone: 1,000 lesson-conducting tutors. The increase was mainly due to the expansion of our accepted schools. RareJob is no longer exclusive to students from the University of the Philippines.

  • 2011

    RareJob continued to expand. We had around 2,000 lesson-conducting tutors.

  • 2012

    RareJob's total number of free trial users exceeded 100,000. We started offering lessons from 5 AM to 12 MN (PH time) in the same year.

  • 2013

    It was a very good year for RareJob. We got the "Privacy Mark" and the total number of free trial users exceeded more than 200,000. In this year, we have already provided more than 10 million lessons.

  • 2014

    RareJob got listed in the Mothers, Tokyo Stock Exchange. By this time, we have already reached 3,000 lesson-conducting tutors.

  • 2015

    We have already provided more than 15 million lessons. RareJob is still continuously growing.

Our Mission

Encourage 10 million Japanese to speak fluent English.

English is the world’s language. Here in RareJob, we believe that everyone should learn how to communicate in English, including the people from the world’s third largest economy, Japan.

Our Vision

Chances for everyone, everywhere

Chances to discover potential.
Chances to empower others.
Chances to make breakthroughs.

We deliver such chances to everyone, everywhere through the Internet. We help create a new world where people can pay forward amidst challenges.

Educational Philosophy

From "The English I know" to "The English I speak", and finally, to "The English I communicate in".

The English language is an important communication tool. It is commonly used to communicate with people who speak a variety of different languages. We believe that the acquisition of English results in a sense of achievement as communication increases.

Message from our CEO

Tomohisa Kato

The first time I came to the Philippines, I was amazed at the Filipinos' English proficiency and hospitality. Surprisingly, there were only a few job opportunities being offered because of geographical reasons.

RareJob tries to give opportunities beyond borders.

In RareJob, Filipinos can work and earn at home by helping Japanese students be better in English. At the same time, RareJob provides an avenue for Japanese to learn and master the English language in a convenient and easy manner.

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