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How do I apply?

Click "Apply Now" to apply online. Fill out the registration form and verify your email address by clicking the link sent to you via email.

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Can undergraduate students apply?

Yes, students who are 18 years old and above are welcome to apply. Educational attainment is not a requirement as long as the tutor applicant can speak fluently and teach English effectively.

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Do I need to know how to speak Japanese?

No, Japanese language proficiency is not required.

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Do I need to go to your office to apply or get interviewed?

No, personal appearance is not required. The whole application process (i.e. exams, demo lesson, and document submission) is done online.

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How long is the application process?

It mainly depends on the availability of the tutor applicant. It usually takes one week but it can be finished in as fast as three days.

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Is this a legitimate company?

RareJob, Inc. is listed in the Mothers, Tokyo Stock Exchange. We have been in business since 2007 and we have more than 4,000 active tutors all over the Philippines.

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Can I apply even though I am in another country?

You must be currently residing in the Philippines to apply.

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I am a Foreign National in the Philippines, can I apply?

We discourage foreign nationals to apply since the process of acquiring the requirements is tedious. If, however, you can get a Tax Identification Number (TIN), and can open a bank account in the Philippines, then you are welcome to apply.

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How do I earn?

Your tutor fee is computed by multiplying the number of booked lesson (lessons with students) you have conducted in a month by the rate per lesson. If you qualify to one or more incentives, it will be added to your total earnings for the month.

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How and when do I get paid?

The tutor fee is distributed every 10th of the month through direct bank transfer to either a BPI International (Bank of the Philippine Islands) or a PNB (Philippine National Bank) account. We provide tutors with an endorsement letter to help them open an account.

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What Bank account can I use?

RareJob provides an endorsement letter that tutors can download on the website. They can use the letter to open either a PNB or a BPI International account. Tutors should open an account under their registered name in RareJob.

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What if I have an existing bank account, can I use it instead?

No, tutors should open a new account that will be used solely for RareJob.

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Is my tutor fee taxable?

Yes, the tutor fee is subject to tax. Under the Expanded Withholding Tax rule of BIR for independent contractors, RareJob is obligated to withhold a 10% withholding tax every month. The amount will then be submitted to BIR.

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Will RareJob file my taxes?

RareJob will not file your taxes for you but it will provide the necessary documents to help you file it yourself. You may ask assistance from our Tutor Fee group.

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Do I need to teach for a certain amount of time before I can voluntarily terminate the contract?

No, tutors are considered as independent contractors. RareJob Tutors can start or stop teaching any time they need to. They just have to teach at least once every six months to retain Active account status.

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What are the requirements to become a RareJob tutor?

To become a RareJob tutor, you need to meet the initial requirements below:

  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Must have access to a stable Internet connection
  • Must be currently residing in the Philippines
  • Must not be currently working in another online English school

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Do I need to have any teaching experience to qualify?

Previous teaching experience is preferred but not required.

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Do I need a Tax Identification Number to apply?

No, you do not need a TIN to apply. Once you begin teaching, however, you need to get a TIN so that RareJob can remit the 10% withholding tax. The company can provide you with documents to help you get your TIN.

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Who will I be teaching?

Most of the students in RareJob are Japanese. Their age varies but the majority of them are working professionals.

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How do I conduct the lesson?

All lessons are conducted through Skype; hence, tutors need to learn how to use it.

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How long is the usual lesson?

One lesson takes 25 minutes.

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Is there a required minimum number of hours to teach?

There is no minimum hours required to teach in RareJob. Our schedule is 100% flexible. Tutors can control and choose their own schedule based on their preference.

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Are materials and modules provided?

RareJob provides a wide selection of materials that tutors can choose from. RareJob follows the 10-level curriculum based on CEFR-J. Tutors may opt to look for supplementary materials if they find the materials provided insufficient.

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How do I get students?

Students are able to view each tutor's open lesson slots. They select who to book based on the tutor profile.

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