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Application Process

Step 1: Register.

Create a RareJob account to begin your application.

Fill out the registration form. Make sure that you submit complete and accurate information. Remember, your e-mail address and Skype account must be accessible.

Step 2: Undergo assessment.

You need to pass two tests: the English Proficiency Test and the Demo Lesson.

The English Proficiency Test is an objective-type English exam that consists of four categories: Conversation, Vocabulary, Grammar, and Comprehension.

The Demo Lesson is a simulation of an actual RareJob lesson, wherein your teaching capabilities will be assessed. Remember to read and understand the entire demo lesson guide found in the website.

Step 3: Be prepared.

Once you pass the Demo Lesson, you will be provided with Orientation videos which will inform you on what to do as a tutor. A one-on-one Skype orientation is also offered in your first month.

Step 4: Complete your Tutor Profile.

Your tutor profile is the student's reference when booking a tutor. You need to submit a profile photo, a voice introduction, and a written introduction. You can also submit your work experience and your interests once you have already opened lesson slots.

Step 5: Open Lesson Slots.

Decide when you would like to teach. Plot your schedule on the website, and then just wait to be booked. Remember to also submit the Tutor Fee requirements after you have opened your lesson slots to avoid any hassle.

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