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First RareJob Ambassador Program: Tutors’ First-Hand Experience of Japan

Most of us are familiar with the phrase, “Experience is the best teacher.” Sounds cliché, but interestingly, this is how RareJob started, from Kato-san’s first-hand experience of Filipinos’ hospitality and English proficiency that led RareJob closer to the goal of encouraging 10 million Japanese to speak fluent English. Just as every RareJob tutor strives to provide students with the best learning experience, RareJob aims to equip tutors with opportunities to hone their skills to have the best tutoring experience.

On May 15, 2015, an opportunity opened up for active RareJob tutors not only for them to acquire added skills to meet the growing lesson demand of students, but to actually meet their students face-to-face and experience the Japanese culture first hand in the land of the rising sun. The RareJob Ambassador Program was officially launched, seeking the two most outstanding tutors to represent RareJob tutors in Japan.

Thousands of tutors sought to become one of our first RareJob Ambassadors. The qualification period ran from May to August 2015 to thoroughly select the right candidates. Everyone did their best, from meeting the pre-qualification and qualification requirements, getting a high score in the online quiz, passing the mock lesson assessment, until the final stage of undergoing the management interview. Truly, their keen participation has become a huge factor for the success of this program.

After the four-month qualification period and deliberation of results, RareJob proudly announced the much-awaited news bearing the names of the ten outstanding tutors who qualified in the last leg of the selection process. On top of the list were the two tutors who ultimately received their well-deserved title.

What seemed to be only a dream became reality when Ms. Anna Rikka Aborro (Tutor Annikka) and Mr. Julian Uy (Tutor Julian.U) finally set foot in Japan as the first RareJob Ambassadors.

As Ambassadors, the chosen tutors are expected to spread our vision of helping Japanese students with their fluency in speaking English, increase awareness on quality improvement by observing how the company in Japan operates and exchange cultures with the Japanese people.

Meeting the RareJob Japan Staff and the Students

The RareJob Ambassadors, together with staff from RareJob Philippines, were given a warm welcome upon arriving at the RareJob Tokyo office. During their five-day trip, they had enough time to observe the Japanese corporate culture up-close.

The Ambassadors easily noticed how discipline and quality are deeply embedded in the culture of Japan from the way the Japanese people conduct themselves.

But in the aspect of practicing English, Ambassador Annikka observed, “The Japanese people know how to use English… but at first, they are quite hesitant to speak in English especially with other Japanese people.”

They were able to interact face-to-face with their Japanese students through a series of Student Gatherings. Here, the Ambassadors introduced the Filipino culture to their new acquaintances, while learning more about Japanese culture from their students’ lively presentations.

During these gatherings, they noticed how different students respond and interact in contrast with their behavior during online lessons.

They both recognized that the tutors’ duty goes beyond teaching English grammar and usage, in boosting their students’ confidence for them to use every lesson as a venue to practice and hone their English speaking skills.

As Tutor Julian said, “With the right amount of pressure, the Japanese are very eager to learn and practice their English.”

Tour around Tokyo

Of course, the trip wouldn’t be complete without a tour around Japan’s bustling capital, Tokyo. The tutors visited popular landmarks and experienced getting around the city by train or by foot. This is a chance for our tutors to truly immerse in the Japanese culture, through their history, tradition, and food.

“It has been a wonderful experience and we really learned a lot from the trip. It was nice interacting with the students,” Tutor Julian added.

Overall, the success of the first RareJob Ambassador Program was truly a testament of RareJob’s continuous progress as the No. 1 Online English School in Japan. Through this initiative, RareJob extends the experience of our RareJob Ambassadors to all RareJob tutors. At the end of this trip, our Ambassadors have brought home the high-quality standards they have observed in Japan to their RareJob lessons, and the expectation for their co-tutors to do the same. Guided by the vision, “Chances for everyone, everywhere”, both current and potential tutors could look forward to similar initiatives and bigger opportunities in the future.

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