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Declaration on Personal Information Protection

In the course of offering online English tutorial services to many users, our company acquires and handles a great deal of personal information of our users, tutors and staff. Management of such personal information is a basis for us to ensure security of our services, and since we are committed to handle personal information properly as being highly important and confidential, we hereby declare that it is our social obligation to properly protect all personal information we use in our business, to establish rules and systems for fulfilling our obligations in the form of a "Personal Information Protection Management System" and to promote our efforts to protect personal information.

  1. Acquirement, Use and Provision of Personal Information
    In our business of English tutorial services through the internet, we will properly acquire the personal information, handle it only within a scope of the predetermined purposes of use and not use it beyond the scope, and further we will take necessary measures to prevent such use beyond the scope. Moreover, we will not provide the personal information to a third party without consent of the person. In order to fulfill this, we will prepare a procedure for handling the personal information and educate our employees about the procedure.

  2. Observance of Laws and Regulations
    In dealing with personal information, we confirm and observe the policies, ordinances and other norms stipulated by the government such as the Act on the Protection of Personal Information (Japan Law) and its relevant guidelines, etc.

  3. Implementation of Measures for Securing Personal Information Protection
    In order to ensure that the personal information is handled safely and properly, we will organize a management system as the "Personal Information Protection Management System" and educate each employee to prevent loss, destruction, falsification, damage or divulging of personal information. In addition, through daily confirmation and internal audits etc., we will make efforts to detect any problem in an early stage, examine the cause and take measures to prevent recurrence thereof.

  4. Complaints and Consultations with regard to Handling of Personal Information
    In order to respond to complaints and inquiries with regard to the handling of the personal information promptly and without delay, we will establish a "Point of Contact for Handling of Personal Information".

  5. Continuous Improvement of Personal Information Protection Management System
    In order to realize personal information protection that corresponds to the change in social conditions and the progress of information technology etc., as well as our business environment, we will periodically review our Personal Information Protection Management System and strive to improve the system continuously.

Gaku Nakamura
RareJob, Inc.

Established on November 1, 2007
Amended on September 1, 2012
Amended on January 16, 2013
Last Amended on January 16, 2016

Inquiries and Suggestions
For any inquiries regarding this declaration or personal information handled by our company,
please contact us at the following e-mail address:

[Point of Contact for Handling of Personal Information]
*The Personal Information Protection Management System established and observed by our company is based on the Japan Act on the Protection of Personal Information and JISQ15001 which is the standard for personal information protection management system established by the Japanese government. This is our voluntary effort that applies to the personal information acquired, used and possessed by our company.

Public Notice regarding Personal Information

Purpose for Using Personal Information Possessed by Our Company

The purposes for using personal information acquired by our company through the person or trade partners etc., are specified in the table below. If you need to be notified of the purpose for using your personal information, please refer to the table below. The personal information with a note of [subject to disclosure] in the table is the information that can be disclosed etc., (disclosure of personal information; correction, addition or deletion against the result of the disclosure; stop of use; deletion of all information; cessation of provision to third parties) to the person. If you need such disclosure of your own personal information, please contact us after confirming the request procedures stated after the table.

For those who have formally entered into the Tutor Agreement, your registered personal information can be confirmed and edited by accessing "BASIC INFORMATION" which you can find in "EDIT PROFILE" after logging in to our system. Tutors' personal information will be removed 7 years after the termination of the Tutor Agreement.

Personal Information Possessed by our company Scope of Purpose of Use
Those wishing to apply for a contract to work as a tutor [subject to disclosure]
  • To confirm applicants' identity and qualifications.
  • To notify applicants about relevant company news and/or updates on their application status.
Those having a contract with us to work as a tutor [subject to disclosure]
  • To provide effective lesson management system and tools.
  • To deliver information on our English Tutorial Services.
  • To deliver information on other services provided by our company.
  • For tutor fee and tax related matters.
  • To provide and gather information on company events and/or projects.
  • To monitor, analyze, and conduct investigations on teaching skills and behavior for development and/or implementation of initiatives.
  • To confirm identity of a user for website access, information requests, or data modification.
  • To send updates and notifications regarding tutorial status.
  • To confirm identity of tutor as a response to a request for the disclosing of his/her personal information, etc.
Those who requested termination of contract as tutors [subject to disclosure]
  • To confirm identity of a former tutor as a response to a request for the disclosing of his/her personal information, etc.
  • To provide tutorial records and/or documents.
Those having a contract with us to work for special projects (voice artist, writers, etc.) [subject to disclosure]
  • To deliver information, tools and legal documents for services to be rendered.
  • For professional fee related concerns.

Request Procedures for Disclosure, etc., of Personal Information

Request for a notice of the purpose of use, or disclosure, etc., of personal information can be made only by the person itself or its agent.

Firstly, please inform the aforementioned point of contact of your request for the disclosure of your personal information so that we can confirm your or your agent's identification (likewise, when you or your agent request/s for a change in the handling of your personal information by correction, addition or deletion against the results of the disclosure; stop of use; deletion of all information; cessation of provision to third parties, the same procedures will apply in order for us to specify the personal information requested). Then we will send you our designated form of "Request for Disclosure of the Personal Information".

After filling out the request form, please mail it back to our point of contact with identification documents specified in the request form and stamps worth Php100.00 enclosed(only when you request a notice of the purpose of use or disclosure of the personal information). The value of the stamps shall cover the actual expenses. (If you use an official certification as an identification document, please black out the unnecessary information except your identification such as name, address, etc.). Should there be a flaw in your "Request for Disclosure of the Personal Information" or if we cannot confirm your identification, we will inform you accordingly. Although we will respond to your request promptly upon receipt of such, please note that it may take several days for mailing.

Regardless of how the request is made, we cannot respond to your request for disclosure, etc., of personal information in the following cases:

  1. Cases in which the personal information is included in the list of those not subject for disclosure, and it is difficult to extract personal information only.
  2. Cases in which disclosure is likely to significantly impede the execution of the proper operations of our business.
  3. Cases in which disclosure violates other laws or regulations.
If we decide not to make the disclosure, we will reply to you with a reason thereof.

Any information provided by a tutor to any user (student) of our services on a personal basis will not be subject for protection or management under this Declaration as such personal information is not acquired by our company. Therefore, we assume no responsibility for any divulgement or leak of such information.

[Contact Details for Requesting Personal Information (Subject to Disclosure)]
We consign the management of tutors' information to our affiliate, RareJob Philippines, Inc.

Point of Contact for Handling of Personal Information
RareJob Philippines, Inc.
Address: 5F Sunnymede IT Center, 1614 Quezon Avenue, South Triangle, Quezon City
Officer in charge of personal information protection: Administrative Team Leader