What is ESL?


English as a Second Language

It is a program of instruction designed to support English-language learners. ESL teachers instruct students in reading, writing, and conversing with focus on cultivating conversational and job-related communication skills. Oftentimes, students enroll in such programs to use the language in work, school, or abroad.

What is Online ESL?

Online ESL is when lessons are conducted through virtual classrooms instead of using traditional modes of education. This means that a lesson is done conveniently with the use of an Internet connection and a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Online ESL schools use website platforms for their service. This is where the students and tutors access learning materials, system support, and the like.

Comparison between online and offline ESL

Teaching in

(as an Online ESL Teacher)

One-on-one online classes are conducted on our very own communication platform.


Tutors are free to choose when they would like to conduct lessons. Classes are booked based on the students' preferences.


Japanese students vary from young learners to working professionals.


Helps students in learning English by guiding them through the lesson materials, providing enough time for them to speak, and proactively correcting their mistakes.



(Johns Hopkins Engineering for Professionals, 2014)

Classes are conducted in traditional lectures with face-to-face interaction and pencil-and-paper activities.

Classes are scheduled regularly and are conducted in either a classroom or the student’s own home. Tutors commit to a fixed teaching schedule.

Students live near the school or tutorial center.

Teachers lead their classes by giving lectures to the students.

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